Finally Got Around To It

Just like the title says, I finally have gotten around to actually work on my own portfolio website again. It is very cool looking back at all the work I have done over the past few years and loading them onto this website for all to see. As busy as I have been with different projects from various clients, I have actually taken time to get my website back up and running. Be on the look out for new marketing material with then new SparkGFX logo stamped on it.

Some people ask, “Why change your logo?” Well for me it is a sign of change and a better future to where SparkGFX is heading at this stage of my life. It really did not change that much, but we decided to add a lightning bolt vector for the “A” in Spark, and did some funky editing to the font as well.

With that being said, the website will be in updating mode for the next week or so due to the fact we have a good bit of content to upload. Also be on the look out for new business cards floating around.

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